Why Horizons

Horizons at DCD strives to combat summer slide and shorten the opportunity gap

On average, students are 4-5 months behind in reading and math as a result of the pandemic. Inequities built into our education system, like the uneven distribution of resources, create barriers for some students to access the knowledge and skills every student needs to be prepared for life after high school. All children thrive in high-quality, enriching learning environments, which is why social-emotional learning is built into every aspect of Horizons. 

Project-based curriculum and small group work allows Scholars to dive deep into their creativity and learn from real world experiences. Horizons at DCD creates more opportunities for Scholars to build the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to build their own successful futures.

All students need opportunities to build skills that will support them on their path to economic stability and personal wellbeing. Through a strong support structure of experienced teachers and staff, we help our Scholars develop new interests and build long-term academic goals—all while learning the critical importance of cultivating relationships. 

The program helps to achieve the following goals:

  • Gain 6-10 weeks of Math and ELA skills every summer
  • Being safe in the water with swim classes everyday
  • Consistency with 10 consecutive summers together
  • Foster a curiosity about the world by providing a variety of enrichment experiences at cultural, academic, business and athletic sites