Student Spotlight: Erik’s Story

“Because of Horizons, I was able to learn to swim. I’ve also been able to keep in contact with some of my oldest friends through this program. Without Horizons, I would have lost contact with them by now; I appreciate Horizons for this since some of my fondest memories are with them.”

  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Current School: Beaver Country Day School
  • Entered Horizons In: Kindergarten


Erick is an inquisitive, self-motivated learner, and has always felt at home in a classroom. Horizons has been a reliable space for Erick to both foster his love of learning outside of school, and understand his academic potential.

During his 5th grade summer, Erick gained a year’s worth of literacy skills and entered the 6th grade reading at a 12th grade level.

Continuous Growth

This fall, Erick is confidently moving towards his goals as a freshman at Beaver Country Day School. He plans to keep a connection with Horizons by returning next summer as a volunteer so that he can help other students recognize their potential.

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