Student Spotlight: Jasani’s Story

“Horizons has had a positive impact on me as a student, and an overall person. [Without Horizons] I probably would not have had the opportunity to experience many of the field trips and group activities that my teachers coordinated throughout the years.”

  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Current School: Dearborn STEM Academy
  • Entered Horizons In: Kindergarten


Jasani has always been a strong student, who consistently works to build on skills that will prepare her for tackling every new challenge with increased confidence. This past summer, Jasani embraced her propensity for leadership by regularly offering academic support in both reading and math to her classmates.

Continuous Growth

Each summer, Jasani’s maturity and motivation, combined with the support she receives from her Horizons teachers, have shown her how to utilize her leadership skills in a variety of settings.

Following summer 2018, Jasani entered high school at Dearborn Stem Academy above her grade level in reading. She continues to foster her leadership abilities in the Horizons High School program.

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